Obvious X LVMH

We are very proud to announced that Obvious has been selected over 300 projects to integrate the 4th season of "La Maison des Startups" directed by LVMH. 

Obvious is working in the creation of an artwork which represents the world of small incentives with large goals : "We have always admired the mindstate of working with what we have, to create an impactful project from scratch. We decided to call this project moonshot, as we noticed this type of structure has a tendency to dream big, which is a direct factor of their success."

For the creation of this artwork, they are working with the largest European startup incubator: Station F. Station F has offered them to help the project by providing the data necessary to its conception, and to host the artwork, in this innovation and art center at the forefront of both scenes. The artwork will be exhibited in a public space, besides works from renown artists such as Murakami or Koons.

They are looking for a funding of 20 000 euros for this artwork. In exchange for that, the contributor will become the sole owner of the artwork, his name will be mentioned in all of their communication, as well as on the plinth of the artwork, which will be displayed in one of the most innovative places in Europe.