Ali Hossaini

Ali Hossaini is an American artist, philosopher, theatrical producer, television producer, and businessperson. In 2010, The New York Times described him as a "biochemist turned philosopher turned television producer turned visual poet".

Ali Hossaini works at the cutting edge of art,
engineering and science. In collaboration with talent
that ranges from diverse emerging artists to Robert
Wilson and Brad Pitt, his productions have appeared
worldwide, winning acclaim from the New York Times,
which calls him “a biochemist turned philosopher,
turned television producer, turned visual poet.”
Hossaini is a Visiting Senior Research Fellow in
Engineering at King’s College London, a founder of
National Gallery X, a Trustee of Young Vic Theatre and a
Principal Investigator of the Health & Social Equity
Collective. His is a 2023/4 fellow of the Institute of
Advanced Study in Nantes. Hossaini develops strategic
plans for venues, districts and cities worldwide. His
approach bridges creativity and infrastructure, and it
emphasizes human interaction. His book The Power of
X: How museums can drive innovation is forthcoming in
2024, and he is lead author of The Manual of Digital
Museum Planning. He is the digital architect for the
European Institute of Innovation & Technology Culture
& Creativity KIC. Ericsson named him a 5G Trailblazer in
2020 and 2023.

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