Kevin Mack

Kevin Mack is an American visual effects artist. He won at the 71st Academy Awards in the category of Best Visual Effects for his work on What Dreams May Come. He shared his Academy Award with Nicholas Brooks, Joel Hynek and Stuart Robertson. 

Kevin Mack is Academy Award winning artist and a pioneer of digital art, virtual reality, and visual effects. Mack works at the cutting edge of creative technology and uses procedural modeling, artificial life, and artificial intelligence to cultivate emergence in his creative process. Mack's work has been exhibited in museums, festivals, and galleries around the world.

Kevin Mack Artist statement -
The concept of artificial intelligence has been present in popular culture throughout my life. I've studied artificial and biological neural networks since the early 90s. As an artist, I'm interested in using AI for cultivating emergence in my creative process. Emergence refers to the appearance of new properties or behaviors that emerge from the interactions between the parts of a system in which the parts cannot account for the properties or behaviors that emerge. The whole is both greater than, and different from, the sum of its parts. Emergence is the essential ingredient in all creative processes, from the subatomic to the astronomic. Using emergence allows me to discover my work as well as create it. Working with generative AI provides a powerful way to explore emergence in my creative process.

The works exhibited here were created using a variety of generative AI neural networks in combination with digital painting, compositing, and processing.
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