London-based street artist, Mobstr creates typographic messages full of criticism, sarcasm and irony placed on walls and billboards in urban spaces. His style is simple and minimalistic but his prints, graffiti, paintings and stencils leaving a large impact communicating with the viewer and changing perspectives. His works are featured as a part of the opening of URBAN NATION Museum in 2017.

Born in Newcastle, England, and based in London Mobstr wrote on walls for the first time at the age of 11. Today, his usually simple but meaningful typographic artworks on walls and billboards in urban spaces are intelligent social commentaries – provocative and paradox. He creates chains of letters criticizing consumerism, advertising and society as a whole that unfold the power to start a dialogue between the streets and the people, always with a unique sense of humour. Mobstr’s artwork can be seen and is exhibited worldwide.

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