Past Shows Paris




Reveal of Obvious third collection 

Lebenson Gallery (Paris) hosted an exhibition for the release of our third series, called Facets of AGI. During the 4 days of the event, from September 17 until September 20, we had the chance to gather our collectors, partners, supporters, and friends around our work. It was also the opportunity to meet those who have been following us, and to initiate new people to the creative power of the algorithms we use on a daily basis for visual creation. Following its success, the event is set to be duplicated in London in October. Huge thanks to all those who came to see us !


Nineteen of the 22 artworks of the series « Facets of AGI » were presented during this exhibition. Each mask represents a facet of intelligence, which also corresponds to a research sector in machine learning. The combination of those masks represents the objective of research in machine learning: the replication of intelligence using algorithms.

The exhibition also involved augmented reality, providing the ability to the visitors to scan the masks and observe the creations from the algorithms directly on the masks through their cellphones.

The exhibition was accompanied with projections, food inspired by AI algorithms, and music on Friday night by Ziontronics.