Lior Gal

Lior Gal is a french-Israeli artist, photographer and visual artist, born in 1977. While Lior Gal initially practices photography, for some series the artist adds a new pictorial dimension thanks to collage.

Thus, Lior Gal reworks his photographs to add to the realistic dimension a fantastic aspect. In his almost alien photographs, Lior Gal proposes a confrontation of two worlds that seem to oppose each other. The black and white treatment brings an astonishing depth to this already impressive series, between science and poetry.

"Ice Eden" series


"Ice Eden" Tirage Argentique Collage 119x 163cm

"The greatest possible distance from Eden" Tirage Argentique Collage 163cm x 226cm Cadre Metal brut

"Ice Eden" Tirage Argentique Collage 119x 163cm

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