Malcolm Litson

British artist from London 

_______ Bitvert has a widescreen approach to art that covers projection, audio, moving image and 2D media. Projects include music production and large-scale image projection. Recently (2019) he projected images onto London architecture for the release of Thom Yorke’s album. ANIMA in collaborating with Tarik Barri and Creative Giants. Bitvert also curated and performed on the Gas Tower Stage at the pioneering VR ‘Lost Horizon’ festival. His work with projection evolved from a stint of guerrilla advertising such as the infamous projection of Gail Porter onto the Houses of Parliament. This was followed with a commission for the Turin Biennale to project medical images onto landmark buildings in the city. Recently, he has been working with The Light Surgeons, the established multimedia collective.Projects have included audio production for 'LDN24' at The Museum of London and music production and performance for 'True Fictions', a live audio/visual performance.(New York/London IMAX/Hong Kong/Belfast/Madrid/Brighton/Milan/Big Chill Festival) He has also recently exhibited 'Transmission' a solo show of paintings and prints at the Lebenson Gallery in Paris. Bitvert has performed at Shangri-la-Glastonbury Festival/Hackney Wicked and Splice Festival. He has released 1EP and two albums.
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