u2p050 is a pluridisciplinary studio founded in 2019 producing art, philosophy, music and technology. 

Through its creations, u2p050 attempts to construct thought experiments that open up ways of questioning our contemporary world, and in particular its increasing digitalisation. To do this, u2p050 uses experimental technologies in its works and explores a perspective in which the machine is no longer considered a tool to be enslaved, but a lens through which to view new worlds.

The studio u2p050 has exhibited in several major institutions including UCCA Labs in China, Avant Galerie and FRAC in France, Ludwig Museum in Hungary. u2p050 is the recipient of the French Ministry of Culture’s commission Mondes Nouveaux in 2022 and presented at Octobre Numérique festival. It is currently hosted in the international artistic incubator Poush Manifesto in Paris and a member of the Glitch artistic project initiated by the blockchain researcher Primavera de Filippi.

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