Oli Epp Multi Multitask

Oli Epp Multi Multitask

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Oli Epp critiques advertising, branding, and the digital world. The artist creates his flat, graphic style, which he describes as “Post-Digital Pop”; Epp is interested in examining our relationship to technology, social media, and contemporary material culture with a sense of humor and absurdity. The work is centred around the body and its relationship with the world, the shapes are accentuated - large heads, exaggerated limbs, flattened, almost cartoon-like. But what Epp really does with these almost naïve, narcissistic and sometimes sexualised figures in his paintings is represent an externalisation of internal conflicts or states.

Multi Multitask, 2018

Dimensions : 27.6 x 19.7 inch 

Type Numbered and limited to 100 copies. Signed

Print: Screen Print